Chihuahua : so small and so cute !

Chihuahua : so small and so cute !

The history of the Chihuahua: a very adventurous Mexican

The Chihuahua, the smallest dog in the world, has made the eponymous region of Mexico, bordering the American states of Texas and New Mexico, famous. You don’t have to be big to make a name for yourself!

Archaeological evidence attests to the existence of the Chihuahua in the Toltec (900 to 1200 CE) and Aztec (circa 1200 and until the arrival of the Conquistadors in 1521) eras.

But go figure if the Chihuahua is not a great traveler: it appears on the painting of Botticelli representing the “Scenes of the life of Moses” and dating from 1842. The Spaniards did not set foot in Chihuahua until a century later!

Present in Mexico, it would have had the very nomadic soul via the balluchon of the great travelers, since Asia until the New continent, before the arrival of almost all the world.

The different types of Chihuahua

This breed is easy to identify, although there are several types, not all of which are accepted by the official dog federation.

Its specific characteristics are :

Coat: the FCI accepts only two varieties for this breed, long-haired (either smooth or slightly wavy) or short-haired (dense, smooth and shiny).
Color: the most common are red, fawn, cream, chocolate, black, white, blue and black, and all shades. In short, all colors are accepted, except the blackbird.
Head: there are two types depending on the shape of the head. Apple head and deer head. The FCI only accepts the apple head variant, where a very rounded skull, wider than the jaw and separates the ears, with the forehead rising sharply from the nose.
Size: in addition to the standard model, for the FCI the ideal weight is between 1 and 3 kg, there is also a smaller variety, the miniature Chihuahua, which is not accepted by the FCI, but quite widespread under the name of Chihuahua tea cup, because it actually fits in a tea cup .
Long-haired Chihuahua
It is also called butterfly Chihuahua. This type has a long, fine and silky coat, slightly wavy, but never curly.

It can have a double coat depending on the case. The coat is usually longer in the area of the ears, neck, tail and back of the thighs.

Short-haired Chihuahua

In this variety, the coat is very short, although in some areas it is slightly longer, for example around the neck or on the tail. It is a soft, fine coat and may have a double coat.

The appearance of the Chihuahua: a toy that is not a toy
The smallest dog in the world weighs an average of one kilo (the larger models weigh 1.5 kilos at most), which is five times less than a cat!


With his apple-shaped head, he’s a real treat: his protruding eyes are very expressive and his straight ears are always on the lookout.

Whether long or short-haired, white or chocolate, this dog looks lively, which is not misleading.

Why are Chihuahuas aggressive?

He looks fragile, small and delicate, but in reality he is a two-faced angel. In his case, it is his small size that has shaped his character.

In other words, he has become self-confident by reaction, even becoming rather aggressive and being one of the most biting dogs.

Many people choose a small dog thinking that it is more manageable and sociable, without knowing that it has a perception of the world that leads it to be more reactive.

Although it does not weigh more than 3 kg and does not measure more than 20 cm, it is a very strong and lively animal that is not afraid of its environment.

However, it can have problems of aggression towards other animals, especially when it is due to jealousy towards its ‘adoptive family’.

That’s why it’s advisable to train the animal from a young age to avoid problems later on in adulthood.

Training is not very difficult because it is an intelligent dog and, above all, willing to learn.

Does the Chihuahua bark a lot?

His courage is inversely proportional to his size: he does not let himself be impressed by bigger than he is, neither by other dogs nor by his master.

Delightfully stubborn, he needs to be trained, like the dog he is, to easily understand the limits.

In fact, he is known to be as little a guardian as he is a “born scarecrow”. Training helps prevent him from yelping and breaking your ears. Very cheerful, this animal is also very intelligent, hence its little stubborn side: just for you!

How do I stop my Chihuahua from barking?

Getting your dog to stop barking takes time, work, practice and consistency.

It won’t happen overnight, but with the right techniques and time, you can see great progress.

Don’t yell for him to stop. Yelling encourages him to bark more because he thinks you are joining in his communication. So the first rule is to speak calmly and firmly, but not yell.

Command him. One way to teach him not to bark on command is to distract him whenever he barks. Use a loud object, such as a can filled with coins, to get his attention, then give him the command “shush” very firmly. When he stops barking, reward him.
A tired dog. A tired dog is a quiet dog. If he doesn’t get his energy out, he’ll have to let off steam in some way. Whether it’s a game, another dog to play with, destroying the couch or… barking. If he barks when he’s alone, tire him out before leaving by taking him on a long walk or run, playing ball, etc. Don’t let problems go on indefinitely. The longer a dog barks, the harder it is to get him to stop.
The den. If he barks constantly when you leave the house, he may just need a place to be safe while you’re away. He may need a den to hide in. Create a safe, quiet place for him, away from the front door. No one should disturb him here. And it’s always a good idea to put a stuffed toy or bowl full of food out just before you leave, so he’s busy doing something else when you leave.
Isolate the dog. Sometimes he barks because he has too much external stimuli. Outside noise and a view of the street are good reasons. Many owners are afraid to “isolate” their dog in the house, leaving the doors wide open and allowing him to go everywhere. To calm him from outside stimuli, you can close the curtains, keep him from seeing the outside of the house through the windows, and keep him busy with puzzles or interactive dog toys.

Breeding the Chihuahua: which dog and how to care for it?

Again, its size would have you believe otherwise. It is very robust and lives a long time, almost twenty years!

This breed of dog is registered in the LOF (Livret des Origines Françaises). When you buy a Chihuahua, ask for the certificate of registration and the vaccination certificate.

Is the Chihuahua a fragile dog?

Because of its small size, it must always be cared for by a good veterinarian because it could easily tend to get sick due to its often weak nature, which is also due to the extreme delicacy of its physique.

It is therefore necessary to give him all his regular vaccinations and it is important to contact your veterinarian as soon as you notice any symptoms of more or less serious diseases.

Avoid “counterfeits” by adopting a dog of American origin, the latter being prone to heart defects. It would be a shame.