Bulldog : a soft dog like a lamb

Origin and history

The Doberman belongs to a recently created and much talked about breed, as this dog was first selected in Germany in 1870.

The intention was to create a dog that would emphasize the characteristics of courage, temperament and visceral love for its owner.

Among the ancestors of the Doberman, there is no doubt the Pinscher and the Schnauzer, but also the greyhound and the Dane blu.

When we talk about the Dobermann, some people get scared, because of completely unfounded legends that describe it as an aggressive dog. In fact, since the 1970s, rumors have started to spread, suggesting that at the age of seven, these dogs become crazy, violent and even uncontrollable.

This has contributed over time to amplify the terror for this breed, to the point of believing that this madness was due to the spontaneous release of the brain by the cranium.

But let’s take a look at this German born dog breed.

Appearance and dimensions

The typical physical characteristics of this breed are the short black or brown focused coat, the thin and dry line, the tapered head.

In the collective imagination, the Doberman has a docked tail, as well as ears, so that they remain pointed and tense. In reality, these mutilations were abandoned a long time ago, notably because they are now illegal.

Standard of the Doberman breed

Size: Large
Weight: 30-40 kg
Height : 61-71 cm
Head : Long, well detached from the neck; skull covered with a very adherent skin.
Eyes : Dark, almond-shaped, slightly sunken, with a neat expression.
Ears : Small, with high junction.
Body : Muscular and powerful, square in shape. Short and robust back.
Hair : Short, thick, adhering well to the skin.
Tail : Traditionally docked.
Character: Intelligent, alert, loyal.
Character: An aggressive dog?

Goodbye atavistic aggressiveness, this dog does not seek to have bulls in front of him, but a company that pampers him. Fundamentally peaceful, he likes to be sedentary.

The Bulldog is an indoor dog: it does not feel the need to let off steam, hates harsh weather, and knows how to stay alone in a house, without touching anything.

Very affectionate, he is kind to children and the elderly, and protective of his master. He also knows how to “live his life”, without whining all the time to be taken care of. He likes his comfort, so much so that people say he is lazy.

This dog is ideal for owners who don’t want to walk for miles but have a lot of time on their hands, who appreciate an individualistic dog and who don’t expect strict obedience.

With its good temperament and affectionate nature, the Bulldog is an excellent companion dog for a caring family who wants an inactive dog but is willing to give it the loving care and companionship it needs.

Breeding: which dog to choose?

Very attentive to its owner, this dog is calm if its owner is also calm, but can become aggressive if the owner instills nervousness.

As long as he is with his family, the Bulldog can be as happy in the country as in the city. Ideally, it has access to a garden, which must offer shade in the summer.

Naturally clean, this dog has the only disadvantage of drooling: it is easy to make up for it by washing his mouth daily. It is also necessary to wash the ears and the folds of the face.

Bulldog: characteristics, health, lifestyle and price

Owners must be confident, experienced and have a lot of patience with this type of dog. Indeed, the bulldog likes to do things his own way, plus he is physically strong and can be noisy. Note that puppies are often fluffy.

Be careful, when buying a dog, to protect you as a buyer, there are strict regulations governing the act of sale:

it must be registered in the LOF (French Book of Origins)
it can suffer from a hypoplasia of the trachea. It is necessary to check the certificate of the veterinarian
ask also for the identification certificate (tattoo or microchip) and the vaccination booklet up to date and duly signed by a veterinarian

At what price?
From a donation by a private individual to about 1,000 euros from a professional.