American Bully : imposing but affectionate !

American Bully : imposing but affectionate !

Origin of the American Bully

Its history: it was just twenty years ago

The American Bully is a real novelty in the dog world: the latest addition, so to speak. While the Terrier is an ancestral English breed, the Americans had already given birth to their own Terriers: the American Bull Terrier and the American Staffordshire Terrier.

Difference between a Pitbull and American Bully

The full name of a Pitbull is American Pitbull Terrier, and it is a breed that is not recognized by the FCI or the AKC (American Kennel Club). Only the “unofficial” American associations, UKC (United Kennel Club) and ADBA (American Dog Breeders Association), register it, but with different standards.

It was born from a mix between the Old English Terrier and the Old English Bulldog and was already used as a fighting dog in the 1800s.

Medium-sized dog, with well-defined muscles and a lean physique, it is very powerful. It has well-proportioned limbs on a rather long body, a short coat, a broad head with a flat skull and a wide and deep muzzle. It has an admitted nose of all colors, small ears and a thick and short tail. It weighs about 30 kg and measures 24 inches at the withers.

It has a certain level of aggressiveness but is friendly and sociable. Known for its strength and obedience, it is not the best guard dog breed because of its very aggressive behavior with strangers.

The American Bully and the Pitbull are in fact completely different breeds.

Pitbull. Originating from the United Kingdom and the United States, it is a cross between the Old English Terrier and the Old English Bulldog. It is medium in size (weight: 16-30 kg), larger (45-53 cm at the withers), with a smaller and more elongated head, folded and longer ears, and is less muscular than the Bully. Not recognized by the FCI.
American Bully. It comes from the United States and is a mixture between the American Pit Bull Terrier and the Amstaff, with the aim of obtaining a dog with a strong build but with a companionable character. Of medium size is larger (weight: 30-50 kg) than the Pitbull. It is shorter (36-41 cm at the withers), but has a larger and wider head, with smaller and pointed ears, and is more muscular. This breed is not recognized by the FCI.
The appearance of the American Bully: important to have a big head!
The pioneers of the breed wanted a compact body, but especially a big head.

This gives him, today, a very good head, with the jaw that gives the air of not swallowing his food with a straw.

A head enhanced by two small ears, directly inherited from his ancestors, in miniature loudspeakers very effective and that it is prohibited to cut.

American Bully

With his slightly arched legs, the muscle that rolls under his short coat and his wrinkled forehead, he has the look of a wrestler who is about to enter the ring: a “Fort des Halles” or American Bulldog, compact version. He is still a medium-sized dog.

As for his wardrobe, it’s up to you: there are those who prefer white, and those who prefer a “blue” that matches the color of his eyes. The fawn is obviously authorized, fantasies oblige!

Variations of the American Bully

Outside the standard, there are some exceptions, here are the variants:

American Bully XL. These dogs measure from 51 to 57 cm at the withers for the males and from 48 to 54 cm for the females.
American Bully Pocket. A smaller variant of the Bully breed that measures 37 to 43 cm at the withers for males and 35 to 39 cm for females.
American Bully Extreme. With the same size as the standard, this variant of the Bully breed has more massive and powerful features and is more imposing in its physical appearance.

The character of the American Bully: the opposite of its appearance

In the cradle of westerns, we expect a compact version of an action movie: “Don’t move, I’m coming!”.

But most California and Virginia owners post situational photos: their puppy curled up in a basket in the back of the car with young children.

More friendly than him, there is not? Never aggressive and very confident, he is especially fond of caresses and an excellent companion dog. Do not hesitate to cuddle him.

In short, he does not fall into the category of working dogs because of his particular physical conformation and his considerable muscle mass, which prevent him from having the endurance and agility required to be so considered. However, it is undeniable that the American Bully can be an excellent watchdog and companion. It is a breed that is also very well suited to children, with whom it is affectionate and helpful.

It is not at all intrusive, it can be very discreet